Walton Advent Calendar - Day 4

Shop Local!, part 1

Shop Local!, part 1

Still looking for your Christmas gifts? (We are!) We've compiled a list of local businesses and locally made products below

Remember, when you purchase from local small businesses, your money is far more likely to recirculate locally (boosting the local economy) than if you shop at a corporate chains. You'll end up with a quality gift, while investing in the future of our community.

We've loosely sorted our suggestions below, but note that many of these stores/producers sell a variety of products beyond what's indicated in the section header.

Maple Products

  • Shaver-Hill Farm (Harpersville): Wide range of maple products from the traditional to maple BBQ sauce, hot sauce, popcorn, etc. Gift baskets, pancake flower. Sold on site and online.

  • Roxbury Mountain Maple (Hobart): Various maple products, including pure maple sugar, cream, candies, etc. Also sells honey, pancake mix, and gift boxes. Sold on site and online.

  • Maplewood Farm (Bloomville): Various maple products, including maple nuts and maple tea. Sold online only.

  • Reed's Maple Products (Downsville): Maple syrup and maple cream. Sold at Al's Sport Shop, Catskill Country Market, the “Vineyard”, and The Schoolhouse Inn and Restaurant (all in Downsville) or by contacting the business.

  • Dar-View Maple (Delancey): pure maple syrup, candies, and cream, as well as pure maple granulated sugar and a gift basket option. Sold at Andes General Store and online.

  • Brookside Maple & Farm (Delancey): pure NYS maple syrup, contact the business for pricing and to order.

  • Tree Juice Maple Syrup (Arkville): Pure maple syrup, including specialty syrups such as bourbon barrel aged, rye whiskey barrel aged, vanilla infused, zesty lemon, and candy cane. Also apparel and accessories. Sold online and at Pepacton Natural Foods (Roscoe) and Lucky Dog Farm Store (Hamden)

  • Madugno A4 Maple (Deposit): Pure maple syrup, candy, and maple cream. Call or email to purchase.

  • Vly Creek Maple (Fleischmanns): pure maple syrup, candy, granulated sugar, and cream. Sold on-site.

Assorted Goods

  • Lucky Dog (Hamden): ceramics, knitted items, rustic wood and found object shelves and hooks, Wayside Cider, maple syrup, honey, handmade soaps, locally made cosmetics (chapstick, lotions, etc.).

  • Eternal Flame Farm Market (Walton) - Locally grown sausages, variety of natural homemade soaps, creams, and candles.

  • Elijah's Closet Thrift Shop (Walton) - A variety of items such as books, DVDs, VHS, clothes, small household appliances, dishes, jewelry, furniture, baby items, toys, etcera. All at affordable prices.

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Blue Sky Farm & Winery (Stamford): Blueberry wines sold at Wine & Liquor Emporium (Walton), Delhi Liquor Store (Delhi), and Catskill Cellars (Downsville or online), plus other locations.

  • Awestruck Ciders (Sidney) - Producer of hard apple ciders. Located in Sidney, and founded by Walton natives.

More Ideas

Pure Catskills (an economic initiative of the Watershed Agricultural Council) has published their annual holiday gift guide with an abundance of locally made products. Check it out for even more gift ideas!

This is the first of two installments of the “Shop Local” theme for our Advent Calendar series, so stay tuned for part 2. We'd also love to hear about your favorite small businesses in the Walton area, especially those with locally made products. Message us on Facebook/Instagram, or send us an email at hello@thewaltonian.com. You can also respond directly to this email if you are a subscriber to our newsletter.